Friday, December 17, 2010

Westie PJs with Kim Niles design! - UPDATE

*These westie pajamas from JCPenney's are not associated with Kim Niles or KiniArt. The images are so similar to hers that when I saw them at the store, I just assumed they were.*
Most westie lovers are familiar with the adorable art of Kim Niles. JCPenney's currently has christmas pajama bottoms that feature one of her westie designs. Last I checked they were on sale for $9.99. I've been wearing my pair almost daily for the past month (don't worry, I laundered them several times as well) and absolutely love how cute and comfortable they are. They aren't available online right now but should still be in stock in most stores.

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  1. I,too, am a Westie lover! Our current little boy is Wiley. He'll be 6 in July. We had our first Westie for almost 17 years and we thought we'd die of broken hearts when he passed. Our daughter found the Westie Rescue of Orange County and Beyond right here in Huntington Beach, Ca. We adopted Wiley 3 years ago last month. He's the cutest, best guy ever ! My husband and I have flown as far as Las Vegas to pick up abandoned Westies for the Rescue. We love going to the annual picnic, where 150 Westies and owners merge every year. It's May 6th this year. I found your site while searching for Westie PJs. I have four different sets already, but am having spinal fusion in two weeks, and feel I may need lighter ones for the recuperation.So sad I missed the cute red ones at Penneys!